Published: March 28, 2022

10 Benefits of Taekwondo America

10 Benefits of Taekwondo America for Cornelius Kids

“Who Just may not march to the same beat as everyone else.” All parents realize that exercise is an important part of every child’s development. But how do we get them off the couch and away from the PlayStation?

Well, the one obvious answer is to get them involved in some sport or activity. But here’s the rub; kids learn and think differently, and it can be difficult to find a sport or activity that suits them.

Most sports and activity today are outcome based. They start with a pre-determined model of how they believe a child should be then try to force them through a cookie cutter believing that in the end that they will take the desired shape. Well children are not dough and most never take the desired shape.

Here at Taekwondo America, we like to “kick outside the box.” Our goal, our outcome for each and every student is to help them become the best version of themselves as they can be.

Our school moto is simple: “Tomorrow I’m going to be a better me then I am today.”

With this in mind our instructor team are constantly adapting and adjusting to the needs of the students within our sphere of influence.  We strive to inspire and encourage our students. To put it plain we are not a hard style or a soft style but both and also neither.

What is Taekwondo America?

Taekwondo America (TA) is a national organization with numerous schools across the United States. TA schools adhere to the same guidelines and procedures ensuring the same high standards across all of the schools in the organization

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is an ancient practice from Korea. It was originally meant for self-defense. Today, lots of people do martial arts to build physical and mental strength. Our families say Taekwondo helps their kids develop self-control and focus. And some come because they want them to learn self-discipline.

Most youth classes teach taekwondo or karate or some variations of both. The type you choose for your children, doesn’t really matter as much as how it is taught.


For the best experience, look for these things:

  • Do we offer a free evaluation so the instructors can meet your child and make an honest assessment as to how we can help your child? You can also see how your child and the instructors work to meet your child’s goals.
  • Do we hold to a traditional approach that focuses on character development?
  • Do we have a low student-to-teacher ratio?
  • Are we supportive and encouraging? It’s important for us to push students. But also, be supportive and understanding about your child’s challenges.
  • We use planned, repeated movements and focus on the connection between mind and body.
  • Are classes planned with a specific purpose or do the instructors just wing it?
  • Some schools are very militant, and some care little how a child actually does just so long as your check clears.
  • Before you sign on, meet with our Taekwondo America family. Be honest about your child’s challenges. Explain what you’re hoping your child will get out of the class.

Key Takeaways

  • At Taekwondo America we focus on the development of both mind and the body.
  • We help kids build respect, self-control, and focus.
  • The feeling you get from our studio is more important than the type of martial art that we teach.
  • Taekwondo is a great opportunity for kids to build positive self-esteem and find community.
  • We believe if trained correctly everyone has the ability to earn a black belt. But sorry we do not sell them you’ll have to earn one.
  • We always train to win but we grow from our losses.


10 Benefits of Taekwondo America for Cornelius Kids

There are lots of reasons Taekwondo might be a good match for your child who just may not march to the same beat as everyone else. Here are ten benefits.

  • We focus on individual growth; this is not a team sport. Many children struggle with competing with other kids but in Taekwondo, we focus on self-improvement, there’s no “letting down the team.” That’s not to say we don’t learn to compete; every 4 months Taekwondo America has either a regional or national tournaments you can attend. Children as well as adults get an opportunity to go represent their school and compete on a much larger level. Make friends with other like-minded students from around the country. There is no requirement it’s just there when they are ready.
  • You are not alone there are always others there working just as hard to reach their goals. Winning comes from reaching your goals not from beating the other person or team. We work toward specific goals. Some kids who learn and think differently feel like they never “win” at anything. In Taekwondo, students work at their own pace. They earn stripes or a different colored belt every time they reach a new skill level. This can boost self-esteem and keep them motivated.
  • Routines are broken down into small segments. A technique or form in Taekwondo can have dozens of different movements. But kids learn gradually, repeating and adding steps as they go. They learn to anticipate which step comes next and eventually, they put everything together into fluid movements.
  • We emphasize self-control and concentration. Attention is central to Taekwondo. Kids have to stay focused to learn and to do the movements. When a child’s focus drifts, instructors often ask them to take the “ready stance.” This lets them reset and re-focus.
  • We help with coordination. Doing Taekwondo movements can help kids get a better feel for their body and space. This is good for kids who struggle with motor skills. It also helps kids understand the connection between their mind and their body.
  • We provide structure. Good Taekwondo schools have clear rules and constantly reinforce them. They also emphasize good behavior in and out of class. We send kids home with Tenet sheets for parents and caregivers to sign.
  • Classes are a safe way for kids to get out extra energy. It’s a myth that Taekwondo encourages violent behavior. In fact, instructors teach that fighting is a last resort. At the same time, kicking and karate chopping let kids work out frustration or anger while practicing self-control.
  • It’s an accepting environment. Respect is a core value in Taekwondo. Kids have to show it for their instructors and their peers. Negativity is not tolerated in class, and students are encouraged to support each other.
  • Instructors are adaptive we don’t teach classes we teach students, being lifetime martial artist ourselves we are committed to learning and continuously improving ourselves “Tomorrow I’m going to be a better me then I am today.” We get to know our students and how they learn then devise strategies to aid each and every one to be successful.
  • It’s simply cool. Kids who learn and think differently sometimes feel awkward or out of the loop. All children have a need to fit in. “I’m a Taekwondo Nerd who can still pull off a 360 round house kick at 60 bet you can’t top that.”


Come by and take a free class or 2 and find out why Shorey’s Taekwondo America might be a good fit for your child.


“Learning and thinking differences can be managed.”

Published: March 28, 2022

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