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2nd Degree Senior Black Belt

42 Movements

Ul-Ji is named after General Ul-Ji Moon Dok who successfully defended Korea against a
Tang’s invasion force of nearly 1 million soldiers. Ul-Ji,, employing hit and run guerrilla
tactics, was able to decimate a large percentage of the force. The diagram (Z) represents
his surname. The 42 movements represents the author’s age when he designed the

Ready Stance F
1. Twin Horizontal Hammer-fist Strike High (Ki-Hap) Right Front Stance
2. Left X Block Low Left Front Stance
3. Left Knife-hand X Block High Left Front Stance
4. Right Reverse Outside Knife-hand Strike/Left Ridge-hand Block Left Front Stance
5. Left Backhand High Sitting Stance
6.Right Inside Crescent Kick To Left Palm
7.Right Horizontal Elbow Strike Sitting Stance
8.Right Horizontal Punch Sitting Stance
9.Left Low Block/Right Back-fist Sitting Stance
10. Twin Fists on Hips (Medium) Closed Stance
11. Right Side Kick
12. Twin Elbow Strike Left X Stance
13. Left Double Horizontal Punch Sitting Stance
14.Right Outside Knife-hand Strike High/Left Knife-hand High Block Parallel Stance
15.Left Double Knife-hand Block Left Back Stance
16.Right Jump Spin Side Kick
17.Right Double Inner Forearm Block Right Front Stance
18.Ready Stance B (Medium) Closed Stance
19. Right Hammer-fist To Left Palm Right X Stance
20. Left Reverse High Block Right Front Stance
21. Left Front Kick
22. Right Reverse Punch High Left Front Stance
23.Right Spear-hand Middle Right Front Stance
24.Left Spinning Crescent Kick
25.Left Back-fist (Ki-Hap) Sitting Stance
26. Twin Low Block sides of body Right Front Stance
27. Right Jump Front Kick
28.Right Knife-hand X Block Middle Right Back Stance
29. Left X-Block Low/ Twin Inner Forearm Block Left Back Stance
30. Left Front Kick
31. Twin Punch High Left Front Stance
32.Right Knife-hand Block/Left Reverse Palm Heel Strike High Right Back Stance
33. Left Punch High Left Back Stance
34. Left Double Fist Block Left Back Stance
35.Right Round Kick
36.Left Spin Side Kick
37.Left Double Fist Block Left Back Stance
38.Right Palm Heel Upset Strike High Right Back Stance
39.Left Reverse Inner Forearm Block Right Front Stance
40. Right Reverse Inner Forearm Block Left Front Stance
41. Left Punch High Sitting Stance
42.Right Punch High (Ki-Hap) Sitting Stance

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