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32 Movements  

Is named after the patriot An Joong-Gun, who assassinated Hiro-Bumi Ito, the first Japanese  governor general of Korea, known as the man who played the leading part in the Korea-Japan  merger. There are 32 movements in this pattern to represent Mr. An ʼs age when he was executed  at Lui-Shin prison (1910). 

Stance B 

  1. Left Ridgehand Block Left Cat Stance 
  2. Left Front Kick 
  3. Right Palm Heel Upset Strike Right Back Stance 
  4. Right Ridgehand Block Right Cat Stance 
  5. Right Front Kick 
  6. Left Palm Heel Upset Strike Left Back Stance 
  7. Left Double Knife Hand Block Left Back Stance 
  8. Right Reverse Upper Elbow High Left Front Stance 
  9. Right Double Knife Hand Block Right Back Stance 
  10. Left Reverse Upper Elbow High Right Front Stance 
  11. Twin Punch High Left Front Stance 
  12. Twin Upset Punch Middle (Ki-Hap) Right Front Stance 
  13. Left X-Block High Left Front Stance 
  14. Left Backfist Left Back Stance 
  15. Left Wrist Release Left Back Stance 
  16. Right Reverse Punch High Left Front Stance 
  17. Right Backfist Right Back Stance 
  18. Right Wrist Release Right Back Stance 
  19. Left Reverse Punch High Right Front Stance 
  20. Left Double Inner Forearm Block Left Front Stance 
  21. Left Punch High Left Back Stance 
  22. Right Side Kick 
  23. Right Double Inner Forearm Block Right Front Stance
  24. Right Punch High Right Back Stance 
  25. Left Side Kick 
  26. Left Double Fist Block Left Back Stance 
  27. Left Double Palm Heel Press Block (Medium) Left Front Stance 
  28. Right Double Fist Block Right Back Stance 
  29. Right Double Palm Heel Press Block (Medium) Right Front Stance 
  30. Right Horizontal Punch (Medium) Closed Stance 
  31. Right C-Block Right Back Stance 
  32. Left C-Block (Ki-Hap) Left Back Stance

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