Published: January 3, 2022

New Year’s Resolutions

Shorey’s Taekwondo America is holding to the belief that 2022 will be the year to rebuild!

Every year we all make our New Year’s Resolutions to make ourselves better. We commit to things like losing weight, getting in shape, spending more time with Our families, and all around just be a better person!

Shorey’s Taekwondo America is inviting you to come let us help YOU reach your goals!

True health and fitness are the end result of winning a 3 faceted fight.

1. Your diet – Not dieting but regularly eating healthy Whole Foods and limiting processed foods and added sugars.

2. Regular Exercise- The best exercise for you is the one you will do!

3. Mental and Emotional Health – leaving these in your life unchecked can railroad everything positive you try to do. Most of us have junk we carry around and we need to get rid of it. The solution can be as simple as talking with a friend. Maybe you need to get right with your higher power your “God” or maybe you need some professional help, regardless you need to explore and get in control.

Committing to change isn’t always easy and keeping up momentum (beyond February) is the biggest challenge.

Here are a few tips to kick off healthy resolutions and some tricks to sticking to them!

✅ Obtainable goal setting is key. Goals must be specific, reasonable and measurable. (I.E. I want to lose 25 lbs, but this month I want to lose 5 lbs) 30 days from now when you jump on the scale you can measure this goal

Fitness – this works the same way as losing weight. Set a reasonable goal and stick to it.

This is why I like, live and teach Taekwondo. It’s very nature drives you through your goals and you are constantly reaching for obtainable goals that are very attainable helping you reach that ultimate goal of earning your Black Belt!

Come by our school so I can show you a fun interesting way to get in shape and we will set some awesome goals, and trust me these will be the easiest most attainable goals!

“There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get stronger, faster, richer or better. Seek nothing outside of yourself”.

Miyamoto Musashi

Published: January 3, 2022

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