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Shorey’s Taekwondo America has been changing the lives of athletes for years. Our goal is not only to create the next generation of martial artists, but to build a better world. We cultivate the confidence and skill set of every student that walks through our doors, whether it’s your first class or you’re already a black belt. After going through the Shorey’s Taekwondo America curriculum, you are bound to grow immensely as both a martial artist and a person. We are here to help you with the next step of your journey!

Special Offers

Shorey's Taekwondo America

Little Dragons

Your child can start with Taekwondo a young as 4 with our Little Dragons class, it consists of 8 belts with 8 stripes each. Most children only advance through the first 3 before they are promoted to the Jr’s program. In this class we focus primarily on class etiquette, and motor skill development. Childhood self defense with the concepts of stranger danger; Officer friendly and Anchoring are learned all in a fun interactive way. Do not concern your self if your child doesn’t act right in this class, that is the very point of this class.

Shorey's Taekwondo America

Age based Jr’s

Children can start as early as 4 and 5 year old in our little Dragons program. Kids experience a fun interactive way of learning principles that will help them through their entire life.

Shorey's Taekwondo America

Teens Martial Arts

Our teens are ready to meet new challenges and at this age their physical ability is coming to it’s peak and they can do extraordinary things. The Shorey Taekwondo (STKD) family is there to help them find the limits of their ability, find their confidence, and nurture their indomitable spirit all in a safe and inspiring environment.

Shorey's Taekwondo America

Adult Martial Arts

We understand the reality of getting older: no time, everything hurts, cake has found its way to your hips. Believe me, we feel your pain. Taekwondo provides a fun, effective way to reclaim your youth. We aren’t a designer gym full of 20 something cardboard cutouts. We’re just average Joes fighting the good fight against the ravages of time.

Shorey's Taekwondo America

Fight Club

Our advanced Adult program for those who want a little more. The focus is on training for “The Fight”. The greatest challenge you will face in “The Fight” are the limits of your own endurance. And that fight can be with another person or some disease or injury. In this class we train, and we train hard for “The Fight” We blend Taekwondo with European boxing and we mix in some of “The Secrets of the Chosen Few” (from an Indonesian combat art known as Pukulan) giving the student the tools to fight the good fight.

Shorey's Taekwondo America


Our Self-Defense classes are helping men and women across Cornelius combine effective striking skills with total-body strength gains. All experience levels are welcome.

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