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Self-Defense Training in Cornelius

Looking for a new way to train and challenge your body? Hoping to take on total-body strength and master effective self-defense skills?

Look no further. We offer Beginner, intermediate, and advanced workshops.

At Shorey’s Taekwondo America, we’re giving you the chance to combine proven workout routines with essential Self-Defense skills that can keep you safe in any situation.

Join us here in Cornelius for:

  • Proven weight loss strategies
  • Lean muscle gains
  • Boosted endurance and heart health
  • More motivation than ever before

Martial Art Program

Reality based Self-Defense has come to Cornelius

Many people buy insurance for their cars, cell phones, and houses yet never spend anything on insuring their own safety.

Most people only want to learn self-defense when they actually need it. By that time, it’s too late. Your attacker will not give you an advantage or any dignity while violating and attacking you.

Your attacker could care less about how much you love your life or your family, how much money you have, or how important you are, you are just an opportunity to them.

Be confident, overcome fear and go from the victim to the attacker. Look at your attacker and say in your head, “I will destroy you.” You have a moral, ethical and legal right to protect yourself and your family.

Most get their knowledge of self-defense from TV, sports and hearsay. This is a fatal mistake and a false sense of security.

At Shorey’s Taekwondo America we are now offering our Reality based Self-Defense workshops. We have streamlined our 8-week program into 3 separate workshops. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. All our classes are a blend of lecture and physical instruction. So, trim your nails, remove your jewelry and tie back your hair and get ready to work up a sweat. We also ask that you wear comfortable supportive clothing. You do not have to be in any particular shape to take this workshop, reality is what you got is all you have to work with, if the threat comes your way.


_ 3 to 4-hour workshop. In the beginner’s class we introduce you to reality base self-defense. How do you identify the threat, and what are the good choices you need to make to avoid becoming a victim? What should your response be if it happens to you?


_ 3 to 4-hour workshop. In the Intermediate class we step it up, your attacker has failed to realize that you aren’t so easy to overcome. We address the many ways he might lay hands on you and some simples principles that you can use to get away. How can you fight off a bigger stronger attacker?


_ 3 to 4-hour workshop. In the Advanced class the table has turned your attacker has realized that his first mistake was choosing you? Fear and doubt have now entered him. If escape is not an option, you will draw upon all that you have learned and bring the fight to him. If in his desperation he produces a weapon you will learn some clear principles to aid you through this extremely dangerous situation.

Why Is Self-Defense Training Right For You?

The truth is, most people don’t know the first thing about defending themselves in a dangerous situation. And like it or not, you could find yourself face-to-face with a threat at any moment.

That’s why our team here at Shorey’s Taekwondo America is helping men and women across our community learn the skills to stay safe.

Our Self-Defense classes are held in a high-energy environment where you can develop tools like:

  • Simple striking skills for any threat
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Decisive reaction times to danger
  • Incredible self-confidence in all aspects of life


Get More From Your Workout Routine With Our Self-Defense Classes In Cornelius

If you’re wasting your time with a cookie-cutter class at a big box gym, it’s time to move on.

Join us here at Shorey’s Taekwondo America and combine the best parts of effective self-defense skills with total-body fitness training. We’re here to help you find success and have a great time along the way.

Challenge Your Body. Prepare Your Mind.

Successful Self-Defense skills are all about being prepared and staying ready to act. At Shorey’s Taekwondo America, we’re committed to helping you stay ready for any threat life throws your way.

But we’re also here to do so much more.

Our Self-Defense classes can challenge your body like traditional fitness classes simply can’t. Whether you’re an accomplished athlete or a complete beginner, we’ll keep your heart racing and help you enjoy incredible results in no time.

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